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About Us

Why Elocaldating is one of the best free online dating service to meet online singles:

  1. It's free to use all the features on the dating site.
  2. Ffeatures, such as chat, IM, e-cards, e-mail, and shoutbox to communicate with singles and find your match.
  3. Elocaldating is a completely free online dating service with spam and scam control. Unlike traditional free online dating services, we thoroughly checked every member's profile before they are added to our system and make sure that our members are real and are serious about dating.
  4. We know online dating can be challenging for those looking for that special someone using online dating services. That is why we are committed to helping you find like-minded singles, who are real and serious, by reviewing every profiles, catch the spammers, ban their ip address and delete them from our system. As a result, creating an easy, user friendly free dating community that lets you browse through local personals and connect with online singles freely without worrying about spammers or fake profiles.
  5. Real Singles
  6. Real Online Dating Personals.
  7. Enjoy live chat with real people, send private messages, IM, e-cards, winks and more.

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