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Manuel In the case of Mexico, diplomacy was until then merely a male test: Ignacio Manuel Altamirano, Payno, Federico Gamboa, Amado Nervo, Juan José Tablada, Enrique González Martínez, Alfonso Reyes, Jaime Torres Bedet, Agustín Yánez, José Luis Martínez, Rafael Bernal, Carlos Fuentes, among many others. 11 Emmanuel Carballo. “Rosario Castellanos” in The narrators before the public, Joaquín Mortiz, México, 1966, p. 90. In addition to loneliness, the feeling of rejection and self-doubt, it seems that they are a constant in his life. 12 Ibid. p. 91.

Adriana, on January 2, a cancer victim and Don César, twenty-one days after a cardiac arrest, when she was walking with her daughter through the streets of República del Brasil, in Mexico City.13 From then on, Rosario assumed the role of writing as a profession, he no longer writes from anonymity, as he does in the verses commissioned by adolescence, that is; she intellectually she frees herself. In 1950 she obtained a master’s degree in Philosophy with the thesis titled

About female culture. That same year, she obtained a scholarship from the Institute of Hispanic Culture to study Aesthetics in Madrid, where she traveled with her best friend Dolores Castro (Lolita). In her home state, she also serves as a professor at the Institute of Arts and Sciences. At the Instituto Indigenista in San Cristóbal de las Casas, in addition to being responsible for the guignol theater at the Centro Coordinador Tzeltal – Tzotzil 14, she performs an interpretation of the

Mexican Constitution for indigenous people and she writes the bilingual textbook My reading book, also for the indigenous community. She served as head of information and press at UNAM where she was a professor. She taught courses in English, Mexican, Latin American, French and Spanish literature at different Universities in Mexico and the world. She taught at the Hebrew University of Israel on Mexican literature. Her work has been translated into English, French, Italian, Hebrew and German, including, of course, Balún Canán, translated into all these languages. On the orders of President Luis Echeverría, her remains were buried in the Rotunda of Illustrious Men in the Dolores Pantheon in Mexico City. 15 On the other hand, it is extremely important to talk about the Letters to Ricardo (1994) 16 for two reasons: 1) this work allows us to faithfully follow the emotional and intellectual process of a 13

Marco Antonio Puig Albores comments that Don César Castellanos dies walking and not by car, as Oscar Bonifaz recounts. When her father fell dead, Rosario requested the intervention of a doctor, who did not declare the descent of the writer’s father. Years later, she will present a nurse to request a certain amount of money in exchange for silence.

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